Used Equipment


     From time to time we have available used bee equipment that is still in good condition but is not needed at our apiary anymore. 

Frame Filler: useful for spraying sugar syrup into frames to feed bees during a time of dearth, or for providing frames of food when making nucs. Pump not included. Reason for selling: not being used anymore. Open to offers. 

Frame Filler

Top Mount Pollen Trap (Sundance): We have 21 Sundance II Pollen traps for sale. After researching extensively, we purchased this style of trap to collect pollen in April 2015. They have been used very little. New price is around $86 - $108 CAD (See Dadant Catalogue & Bushy Mountain Bee Farm) Reason for selling: could not get them to work. Open to offers. 

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