Bee Outfitters - The local bee supply outlet. Friendly staff and quality products.

Beesource Forum - A detailed forum exploring beekeeping procedures, diseases, queen breeding and many other beekeeping related topics. A separate section for beginning beekeepers is included in the forum.

Bush Farms - A detailed website set up and maintained by Michael Bush in which he provides information on equipment, queen rearing, bee pests, small cell, and many other beekeeping topics.

Manitoba Beekeeping - A site constructed by beekeeping friend and associate, Lance Waldner. Mr. Waldner hopes to use the site to explore the nuances of beekeeping in Manitoba.

Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association - The website for the Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association

Red River Apiarists’ Association - Home page of the Red River Apiarists’ Association of Manitoba

Scientific Beekeeping - A website set up to address possible adaptations to the changing face of beekeeping. This site is maintained by Randy Oliver.


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