Other Hive Products

     Comb Honey - Sold out for 2016 is honey in its most natural state. The bees fill the comb with honey, and it is harvested by cutting the entire pieces of comb from the frames. Comb honey is not heated at all and can be consumed by chewing to remove the honey. Comb honey can also be consumed by spreading onto toast or bread, instead of using liquid honey. We harvest a limited supply of comb honey every year. 

     Our comb honey is sold in two different containers with sizes approximately 150g for $3.50 and in larger sizes at $2.00 for each 100g. The 150g comb honey is packaged in the plastic Bee-O-Pac containers pictured at left, and the larger comb honey is packaged in an Aluminum tray with a plastic lid.

     Chunk Honey - Sold out for 2016 - is a piece of natural honey comb inside a glass jar. The piece of comb honey is then surrounded by pouring liquid honey into the jar to completely fill it. The availability of chunk honey is entirely dependent of us being able to harvest both comb honey, and liquid honey. We do not keep chunk honey in stock, instead, we fill specific orders during extracting season from July to September. Please contact us to be put on our email list or to place an order to be filled. We sell chunk honey in 500g jars for $6.25 each.

     Wedding Favors - Contact Us for ideas in using honey as a keepsake for memorable gatherings and celebrations such as weddings and family reunions. Containers can be filled with either Creamed or Liquid Honey, or customers can bring their own containers to be filled. As an example, the containers at right contain about 55g-60g of honey and cost $1.75 each. The label costs 25 cents extra. We can also print and provide labels for the jars we fill. 

Honey provides an excellent, non-perishable, natural gift.

     Natural Propolis - Sold out for 2016 -We have a limited supply of propolis which we collect from hive scrapings as we work the hives throughout the year. The propolis is collected by the bees, and used to seal up cracks and crevices, and waterproof the inside of the hive. Propolis is also used by the bees to coat the surfaces of the hive’s interior. Propolis can be used in a variety of methods, including ointments, creams and varnishes and can also be incorporated into LipBalms and Lotions.

      Since the propolis we collect comes from hive scrapings, it has small amounts of non-hive debris such as wood, paint flecks and other non-bee made materials that are commonly found in bee hives. The propolis is compacted into balls or lumps roughly 5-6 cm in diameter. We can run the propolis lumps through a hand grinder to break down the lumps into pieces and powder not larger than 1 cm for better absorption into tinctures and wax. 

Our Propolis is priced at $12.50 per 100g

Please Note: The automated buying options are for delivery to Winnipeg only (inside the perimeter). For other destinations, please contact us for delivery costs. We do not make extra delivery trips, instead we send the products when we have a trip going to Winnipeg. Generally, the cusomer receives the products within two weeks of placing the order. After placing the order online, you can adjust the required number of each item in the PayPal window.

Orders over $50.00 will be shipped to Winnipeg free of charge; for smaller orders, a $5.00 delivery charge is applied.

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